How to Effectively Edit Your Essay

Editing the essay in the academic essay process comes after you have reviewed your essay. Only after correcting your essay on the macro-level should you move onto the micro-level optimization. During reviewing you look for areas of improvement on the paragraph level, the thesis, the coherence, the unity, and reasoning. In the editing process, however, you correct your writing on the sentence-level, where you look to achieve the correct structure, style, punctuation, and diction.

There are several ways to go about editing the essay. Many writers take help from anessay writing service or a fellow peer, while some like to edit on their own. The editing process is best done in an organized manner to make sure the editing process is effective. One achieves the best editing after defamiliarizing with their own writing and their own essay. 

Things that might help you improve your editing

If you have time, make sure to give yourself lots of time to defamiliarize yourself with your writing. This can be hours, days, and at times weeks. To get your mind away from the content of the essay, get yourself involved and distracted in other activities, such as reading, going out, or any activity that will keep your mind away from the essay and refresh your mind. Such that when you come back to the essay, you will read it as if you have read it for the first time.

With practice, you will soon realize that you edit your essay better on a certain medium. For some people, this is in the form of printed-out papers and for others, it is on an electronic screen such as a tablet or a computer display.


Changing the essay outlook helps us defamiliarizing with the writing as well. This is a great way to go about editing when you are low on time. An essay writer can achieve this by changing the font type, the font size, and changing the medium of the essay. 

Make sure that you find a quiet place away from any sources of distraction when you sit down to edit your essay. Turning the wifi off, putting away any electronics, and editing on paper will help you achieve a distraction-free editing session. 

Avoid going into long sessions, as with passing time your editing ceases to become effective. Try to do your editing on short-bursts, spread around the day. This will make your editing process much more efficient and effective.

Things to look out for when editing 

Here are some of the main things that you should look out for while editing:

To make sure that the essay doesn’t look patchy you should mix up the sentence structure. Your writing should be a mix of simple, compound, and complex sentences spread around the writing. A variety in sentence structure will save your essay from looking patchy.

Make sure that each paragraph follows a defined structure where one part flows smoothly into another; Starting from the topic sentence, the evidence, to the transition at the end. 


Check if the evidence and examples supporting the points or claims are presented effectively. Try to improve this part by introducing the authors or the date of publication before presenting scholarly information. 

The essay should be written in an active voice as it provides the leader with easier comprehension. Try to weed out the passive sentences by removing the ‘to-be’ verbs.

The academic tone should be unbiased, should follow an academic style, and present the relevant diction. Try to avoid the first-person voice as it induces subjective writing. Make sure that you do your research into the subject and its terminologies. Make use of these words to demonstrate your effort. The write my essay expert should, however, avoid the informal words and phrases that have no place in academic essays.

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